The national honey jar KUĆI MEDA -  ŽUPANJA


The national honey jar was presented at the House of Honey OPG Krešimir Čolić and OPG Danijel Čajko in Županja in the presence of Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolušić. It is a program of the Croatian Beekeepers Association, which included the Croatian Agricultural Agency, which was financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, and its goal was to create recognizable packaging to ensure that consumers are satisfied that honey is produced in Croatian beekeepers. The jar will be able to be used by all beekeepers who are registered with the Croatian Beekeepers Association (HPS), the Croatian Agricultural Agency, or the Ministry of Agriculture.
Beekeepers who have 30 kilograms of honey per hive can get these quantities of jars.
Everything will be strictly controlled, Croatian honey in Croatian jars. As for consumption in Croatia, honey is consumed only two kilograms per capita per year - said Tomislav Tolusic, Minister of Agriculture. The jar is of innovative design, recognizable in shape and bearing the engraved logo of the Croatian Beekeepers Association. The project was launched last year by the Croatian Beekeepers Association, which has faced frequent counterfeiting of honey throughout Croatia. A competition was conducted to select the conceptual design of a national honey jar for young designer Klara Marelic.